act your job
Project background

Throughout the European Union, rates of unemployment among young people tend to be higher than among the general population and there is a serious risk of marginalization and exclusion. Many of these young people do not even look for a job and has never attended a training course.

Theatre can be an interesting starting point to motivate them and avoid unemployment or even inactivity.

The idea of the project came from the fact that theatre is more than a just songs, dances, mimicry and props. Theatre can be also a tool for increasing self-esteem, creativity, social skills and motivation. Involving young people in theatre will contribute to their self-development and employment skills.
Project goals
  • Improving the skills for employment and career development of young people through a theatrical performance
  • Combining theatre pedagogical techniques with creative and traditional methods of training
  • Involving theatre in programmes of vocational education and training
  • Improving personal and social skills of students
  • Exchange of information, experiences and knowledge regarding the involvement of theatre in VET activities
  • Help young people in deciding their choices for training and employment

Project objectives

  • To collect two best local practices of involving theatre in training
  • To select a group of students to write and perform a theatre play
  • To organize two editions of Act Your Job Day
  • To develop a best practices handbook, which summarises the experiences on how theatre can be used for personal development
  • To develop handbook containing all the scripts for theatre plays, written by students
Target group

The main target group of the project are students under 25 years old.

The expected impact of the project on students will be:
  • Increased motivation in learning activities
  • Increased self-esteem, self-determination and self-confidence
  • Increased social skills
  • Increased knowledge about associated partners' countries and their culture

Also teachers and trainers who will take part in this project will benefit from:

  • Learning new motivation methods based on theatrical techniques (increased pedagogical skills)
  • Improving academic results
  • Increased knowledge about associated partners' countries and their culture
Ayuntamiento de San Andres del Rabanedo
Project coordinator
Ayuntamiento de San Andres del Rabanedo / SPAIN